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Are you tired of managing your customer data with cumbersome spreadsheets? Our Excel Based Customer Manager Application is here to simplify your life. It offers a user-friendly interface with powerful features, allowing you to effortlessly organize and maximize the potential of your customer data.

Product Features:

  • Create Comprehensive Customer Profiles.
  • Automate Personalized Communication.
  • Streamline Workflow.
  • Boost Efficiency
  • Cost-Effective Solution.
  • Compatibility and Flexibility.
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard



Data Entry Made Simple: Our user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly enter and update customer information in Excel. No complicated software to learn, just familiar Excel functions.

Effortless Organization: Stay organized with automated data sorting and filtering options. Find and retrieve customer data with ease, improving your productivity and responsiveness.

Comprehensive Analytics: Gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends. Track sales, analyze customer interactions, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your business strategies.

1 review for Customer Manager

  1. Kathryn Pinter

    In this review, I share my firsthand experience with the Excel Desktop Customer Manager demo, shedding light on its features, functionality, and the overall user journey.


    Secured Login: Highlighting robust security features emphasizes the tool’s commitment to data protection.

    The Order Manager: One-click conversion to work orders and invoices is a standout feature for operational efficiency.

    Customer Landing Screen: Accessibility to customer details and dynamic data management is a key advantage.

    Employee True Cost: The ability to ensure accurate costing is a valuable feature for businesses.

    Itemized Billing Elements: Creating a service charge database enhances competitiveness and transparency in billing.

    Big Advantage – Share and Sync Methodology: The capability for multiple users to have their own applications while sharing data fosters collaboration within a shared folder.


    Limited Demo: While the demo offers a free look into features, the functionality is the same except some limitations compared to paid versions which is understandable.

    Overall Impression with Advocacy:

    In conclusion, Excel Desktop Customer Manager stands out as a robust solution for businesses seeking efficient customer and order management. Its array of features, from secured login to itemized billing elements, addresses diverse needs, promising a streamlined operational experience.

    However, before committing to a specific tier, we strongly advocate for users to explore the demo version. The demo provides a valuable opportunity to experience the tool’s functionalities firsthand, offering a glimpse into its capabilities without financial commitment.

    By trying the demo, users can assess whether Excel Desktop Customer Manager aligns with their business requirements and operational preferences. While the demo is an excellent starting point, it’s essential to keep in mind its limitations in functionality compared to the paid versions.

    This hands-on experience will empower users to make informed decisions, ensuring that the tool not only meets their needs but is also user-friendly. Take advantage of the demo to navigate through the features, evaluate its interface, and determine its compatibility with your workflow. Ultimately, the trial will be instrumental in ensuring a well-informed and confident choice for your business needs.

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