Health Centre Manager

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Billed Annually

Health  Centre Management System is a new Excel-Based software that helps our professional medical and health practitioners manage their centres efficiently. It is for doctors, dentists, psychologists, medical rooms and many more. This software includes patient information, appointment scheduling, doctor’s daily schedule, billing, insurance claims and payments. It supports offline mode as well.

Product Features:

  • Patient Information management.
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Doctor’s Daily Schedule
  • Billing and payment management.
  • Offline Payments.
  • Insurance/Medical.
  • Offline Mode.
  • Online Knowledgebase
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard



5 reviews for Health Centre Manager

  1. Brendon

    This application is more than Excel. It is a life save. A fancy way of packaging the Spreadsheet. I am happy with what the Demo does.

  2. Joan

    I got this Demo through someone. You are really addressing the need for my practice. My administrator’s jaw is still on the ground. I have signed-up for the full version launch. Well done again.

  3. Hakim

    A colleague also refers me. It is pretty bold of you to say that your demo is valid for a year. Your application is better than the software I currently use (high monthly fees). I am happy with the excellent user interface. For a demo that allows you to try everything, it is impressive. Thanks to its scheduling feature, the invoice module has full one-click features that link to the payment platform. The report feature works well because we share a practice with my business partner. We have been testing it for four days and have not experienced any issues or bugs – Not bad for a new kid in the block. Our approach is to subscribe to your professional version.

  4. Sarah

    I have been using the Health Centre Management System for my dental practice, and it has made a significant difference in how I manage my patient information and appointments. The user-friendly interface and comprehensive features like appointment scheduling and billing management have streamlined my daily operations. Highly recommended!

  5. Michelle

    The Health Centre Manager Demo Version has become an indispensable tool in my dental practice. The appointment scheduling feature is seamless and has eliminated scheduling conflicts. The billing and payment management feature has made it easy for me to generate invoices and track payments. This software has truly transformed the way I manage my practice.

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