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A consulting on the integration and creating project scope for your needs while using available features within Excel with possible quick gains on efficiency for your business process.

App Development

Project Management principles are followed when developing the application for real-world problems.


Native VBA code is used to develop applications that are compatible with most Excel versions from 2010 upwards.


Genuine Microsoft Products perfom much better. Professional advise and guidance on application designs

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Having the front end and back end is possible within Excel. Please contact us.

I code using the native Microsoft Office 2010 commands. The compatibility is not an issue with newer versions of Excel. On the products created, some have an option for updates.

VBA code is not WEB friendly; however, managing the Macro-Enabled Workbook’s sharing is possible. Automation of Excel using third party web-based applications is the latest thing.

I used only approved and licensed Microsoft Office. My version is 2016; however, I code as if I am using Microsoft Office 2010

The speed is dependent on the size of the application and the data within the workbook. Optimising the code can bring some speed improvement.

Yes. send a query using the contact form.

No, however, the training is provided at our affiliate online centre.

Upon graduation, candidates may request coaching on what they are busy developing on-demand.

Various, ranging from individuals and Organisations.

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